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In  Rome  in the mid-19th century, a young Luigi Alfonsi, well integrated "in society", in the worldly environment of the nobility and the clergy, but also of the academies and schools of music, began to take an interest in musical instruments; but it is in the  1906  that his son Giulio opened the piano shop ALFONSI in via Giovanni Lanza 146, in the heart of the old "Monti" district and, in the underlying "Suburra", in via Leonina, he starts the laboratory for the  construction and restoration of pianos  and harps, thus starting the company.
In  1933  the shop is moved for the first time to the larger premises located at number 101-103-105 of the same via Giovanni Lanza.
Art and the continuous search for formal perfection of sound  were transfused in the instruments created by Giulio, and thus in his sons, Luigi and Renato, who love for music, with a preference for the piano, led to continue and develop the company, combining the past and present of an art which is  passion, and as such it is transmitted and handed down to subsequent generations.
Thus a large laboratory is activated in via San Giovanni in Laterano 236 where generations of skilled artisans - luthiers, polishers, tuners - have learned, developed and handed down secrets and knowledge of the art of piano making  the most important "school"  in Rome and one of the most important in Italy.
In  1977  the company is once again transferred to the large premises located on the ground floors and in the basement of the "Umbertino style" building  Of  Largo Brancaccio, at the end of via Giovanni Lanza, where it still operates under the wise guidance of  Emidio and Cecilia  sons of Luigi, and Riccardo, Silvia and Giulio  children of Renato.

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